Bug reporting

If you experience any problems while using the application, then in order to report a problem, you must:

  1. Enable advanced logging. To do this, declare the environment variable ASPIA_LOG_LEVEL with the value 0. This will allow you to get the maximum number of messages in the logs. If you don’t know what environment variables are, use search engines to get information on how to declare environment variables in your operating system.
  2. After setting the environment variable, you need to restart your computer.
  3. Try to reproduce the problem situation.
  4. The log directories in Windows may contain files with the *.dmp extension. These files contain application memory dumps at the time of the crash. These files can help to determine the cause of problems. Be sure to attach them along with the logs. Collect application logs (information on where to get the logs is located above) and send to developers using one of the acceptable methods:
  5. Please describe your problem in detail. Including the version of the operating system (on client/host/router/relay), the version of Aspia and all your actions. If you can make a video that shows the problem, that might help solve it too.
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